Rise Together Pakistan

Rise Together Pakistan gender equality ground-breaking programme could well be the first of its kind for the country.

The key objective is to reduce the number of female university graduates leaving without any career or clear plan in utilising their valuable education and to make them financially independent.


Pakistan is ranked 151 out of 153 countries on the Global Gender Gap Index Report 2020 index, published by the World Economic Forum 

The scorecard placed Pakistan at 150 in economic participation and opportunity, 143 in educational attainment, 149 in health and survival and 93 in political empowerment.

In a comparison of previous rankings, the overall ranking for Pakistan has drastically decreased from 112 in 2006 to 151 in 2020.

Our research

A comprehensive survey has been conducted in Pakistan’s universities.

The research found the major obstacle’s the future graduates face in progressing in professional life.


Our first university will be the Quaid-i-Azam university.


We work with cohorts of up to 25 female students aged between 17-24.


The format will be 2-3-hour interactive workshops per week.


Baseline measures and further surveys will be used to measure the results and impact which will be presented in a visual and written report.

Base line measures and impact will be cautiously measured throughout the process.


At the end of the programme some of the participants will be asked to become Rise Together Pakistan ambassador’s and will have a further session on peer to peer learning.

They will be given booklets with helpful numbers and websites / resources and target charts where their knowledge sharing can be recorded.

Teach the trainer

Academics and other staff at universities will be trained to deliver the programme as well as female professionals.

Need more information?

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