Here are some frequently asked questions about Rising Girl and what we do.

Rising Girl was founded because there was a need to educate and help girls directly or indirectly affected by a range of issues: domestic abuse, mental health, body image, forced marriage, child sexual exploitation and others. 

Rising Girl has established a fun and interactive programme, where girls can learn about issues and tools to help themselves and others, safely. 

Rising Girl delivers the Rise Together 6-8-week classroom-based programme in secondary schools to girls aged 11-18. Girls benefit from the learning experience where they can explore a range of issues in a safe space. The hope is that graduates will share this new knowledge with their peers and their community.

The Rising Girl charity has also developed a 6-8-week Rise Together Pakistan programme focused on gender equality. This programme is delivered to female university students aged 17-25 to help them overcome obstacles in becoming financially independent once they have graduated.

Rising Girl also partners and works with other charities, such as, Barnardo’s – the UKs largest and oldest charity for children. Recently, Rising Girl commissioned Barnardo’s to write the six-week Rise Together UK classroom-based programme.

The charity are supporting The Citizens Foundation (TCF) to gain ten sponsorships for disadvantaged girls to go to university in Karachi Pakistan.

The charity has partnered with Naz Legacy Foundation to run a weekly summer series of Ted style webinars called ‘Break the Glass’ for young people out of school during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

To help girls stay in education and rise to become the women they dream of being.

A British journalist named Emb Hashmi started the charity as she saw there were many thousands of girls who needed extra support to overcome issues they were facing. She faced many obstacles on her rise and wished there was such a programme at her school, which would have made overcoming her issues easier.

The charity works with school girls aged 11-18 in the UK and female university students aged 17-25 in Pakistan.

Statistically girls are victims of abuse and other related issues more than boys. 

In the year ending March 2019, The Office for National Statistics estimated 75% of victims of domestic abuse claims, reported by the police were women.    

In Pakistan women make up less than 25% of the overall workforce.

Many of the issues within our programmes are issues that impact girls more boys.

There is no programme that exists like the Rise Together programme. It is essential to help young women rise above their issues and their obstacle’s, which can stop them from continuing in education and becoming financially independent.

Yes, we believe in partnership work and currently partner with Barnardo’s, the Naz Legacy Foundation and are supporting The Citizen’s Foundation.

Rising Girl is a small charity passionate about the empowerment of young women.

The work yields positive results and has a great impact on the lives of the young women who participate in the programmes.

People can volunteer or fundraise for us.

We have a number of volunteer vacancies and some great fundraising activities.

People can also highlight our important work to their local schools, talk to their local member of parliament about our programmes or organise an event in aid of Rising Girl.

The charity has the Rise Together fundraising walk (#RTwalk) which takes place on international women days every year (IWD 8th March) that anyone can sign up and join.

People wanting to support can organise events and local fundraiser’s and sponsor a girl through our support for TCF.

If individual’s run businesses or companies, they can support Rising Girl through their CSR.

Yes, as a charity we value our volunteers and their support is essential to our success.

Need more information?

Our friendly team of staff and volunteers are on hand to offer support and advice when you need it. Drop us a line explaining how you’d like us to help and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.