We work with some incredible individuals who are rising within their communities.

Find out more about them and how you can get involved with Rising Girl.

Meet the team

Emily Hayman

I’m Emily. I’m 22, from Suffolk and recently finished my Masters in History. I am so happy to be part of Rising Girls so I can be a part of a programme that gives young girls so much confidence and aspiration.
“Rising to be a source of support and motivation for younger girls to achieve amazing things and be the best girl they can be!”

Rebecca Russell

I enjoy being part of Rising Girl because… I enjoy working with passionate women who understand the importance of preventative work to break the poverty cycle and provide young women with opportunities. 
Rising to… support others as a psychologist.

Tami Kalsi

I enjoy being part of Rising Girl because… I love working with like minded women to encourage every girl to use their voice and become more empowered!

Rising to… be an experimental psychologist!


I love travelling and have spent the last two years living and working on a cruise ship. I like being a part of rising girl as it means I get to hear and learn from incredible women.

Rising to be a travel videographer. 

Yasmin Wong

I love being a part of Rising Girl as I believe it is extremely important to help empower young girls and help them reach their dreams!
I am rising to be the owner of my own fashion PR company.


Madison is a policy officer for an educational charity that works towards better outcomes for children and young people and also governs in a primary school. Prior to working, Madison completed a MSc in International Development at the University of Birmingham alongside working as a researcher for Islamic Relief. Madison’s interests are gender equality, education for girls, period poverty and disadvantaged children

Lucy Hallam

Supporting rising girl: As a former teacher, I’ve seen firsthand what educational inequality looks like in the UK and how young women’s opportunities can be limited by a lack of education. I want to support Rising Girl in their mission to change this. 

Rising to be: a producer and storyteller breaking new audio ground!

Barney Waller

Why your supporting Rising girl?
I’m supporting Rising Girl because I want to help give girls the knowledge and strength to grab the opportunities they deserve to be a part of. I want to help contribute to leveling the playing field, empowering girls so they can make their own choices and lead better lives, as a result.

What you’re rising to?
Become a social responsibility champion full-time and using my HR skills to get there!

What to help Rising Girl?

We’d also love to hear from you if you have been affected by barriers to education and are willing to share your story and skills to help others.